The companies with the five highest scores for financial strength in the latest Management Top 250 ranking are five of the biggest names in technology: Microsoft Corp., Apple Inc., Inc., Alphabet Inc. and Facebook Inc., in that order.

The annual Management Top 250 ranking, developed by the Drucker Institute, measures corporate effectiveness by examining performance in five categories: customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility and financial strength.

Microsoft, ranked No. 1 overall, had the highest score for social responsibility as well as financial strength among the more than 800 companies studied by Drucker, and it made the top 10 among companies in

the Management Top 250 for   innovation and for   employee engagement and development. 

Apple, ranked No. 2 overall, also made the top 10 among Management Top 250 companies for innovation. Amazon, No. 4 overall, had the top score for innovation. And Alphabet, No. 5 overall, and Facebook, No. 12 overall, both made the top 10 for innovation and employee engagement and development.

Microsoft and Apple are also among the eight all-stars in the latest ranking -- companies that excelled in all five categories. Cisco Systems Inc., another top-10 company for financial strength, is also an all-star.

You can explore the full, detailed rankings here.

-- Gerard Yates


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April 13, 2021 18:07 ET (22:07 GMT)

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