Imperial Metals Corporation (TSX:III) reports the tailings storage facility at
its Mount Polley mine was breached, releasing an undetermined amount of water
and tailings in the early morning of August 4. The cause of the breach is
unknown at this time.  

Senior company management are at the mine site and are working with mine
operating personnel, local agencies, provincial ministry officials and the
engineers of record to assess the extent of the breach and the impact of the
released water and tailings on the surrounding area.

The Company will provide further information when confirmed and available.

About Imperial

Imperial is an exploration, mine development and operating company based in
Vancouver, British Columbia. The Company operates the Mount Polley copper/gold
mine in British Columbia and the Sterling gold mine in Nevada. Imperial has 50%
interest in the Huckleberry copper mine and has 50% interest in the Ruddock
Creek lead/zinc property, both in British Columbia. Imperial is in development
of its wholly owned Red Chris copper/gold property in British Columbia. 

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Brian Kynoch

Gordon Keevil
Vice President Corporate Development

Sabine Goetz
Shareholder Communications