P&O Cruises to offer "the ultimate escape" staycation this summer 
UK cruises to go on sale later this month 
MIAMI, March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- P&O Cruises will offer a series of short 
break and week-long UK cruises as "the ultimate escape" staycation this summer. 
The cruises will go on sale later in March. 
P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow said: "Following recent Government 
announcements and as the vaccine programme is rolled out across the globe we 
can all begin to feel a sense of reassurance and hope that this current 
lockdown period in the UK will come to an end. Life can, we hope, slowly return 
to some semblance of our previous normality as hospitality opens up and summer 
holidays can be booked with confidence. 
"Whilst holidays here in the UK will be the first to become a reality we will, 
of course, gradually see the return of international travel but first we want 
guests to be able to enjoy a proper summer holiday at sea with the best in 
relaxation, entertainment and dining choice. 
"These sailings will leave from our home port in Southampton and sail around UK 
coastal waters enjoying the summer sunshine. More details of dates, prices and 
the experience on board will be announced later this month, but they will, of 
course, all have flexibility so guests can book with confidence. 
"We hope that the UK "ultimate escape" staycation option will have wide appeal 
and we will do our utmost to make it a very special time. There really will be 
something for everyone and the opportunity to spend precious and much-longed 
for time with family and friends. 
"In order to offer these UK breaks it does mean that unfortunately we need to 
cancel some of our current published programme of holidays this summer. Cruises 
on Arcadia, Aurora, Azura and Ventura have been cancelled until the end of 
August and on Britannia and Iona until the end of September. 
"We remain in very close contact with the UK Government and associated bodies 
as we monitor the latest situation and guidance on travel. From the moment we 
see travel restrictions lifting we will begin the significant logistical task 
to re-start our operations. It will take some time for the first ship to return 
to service, followed by the phased return of the remaining fleet. We cannot 
wait to welcome everyone back on board with the protection of effective 
protocols to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all crew and guests. 
"I really am so sorry for the disappointment these cancellations will cause but 
hope that the new UK cruises will enable everyone to enjoy a wonderful holiday 
this summer." 
All guests whose cruises have been cancelled will automatically receive a 
Future Cruise Credit worth 125% of what they paid. This 125% Future Cruise 
Credit can be redeemed against any new booking made by the end of December 
2021, on any cruise on sale at the time of booking. 
Alternatively, 100% refund is available through the form on  www.pocruises.com 
 and may be requested until December 2021. 
About P&O Cruises 
P&O Cruises is Britain's favourite cruise line, welcoming guests to experience 
holidays with a blend of discovery, choice, relaxation and exceptional service 
catered towards British tastes. P&O Cruises fleet of premium ships combine 
genuine service, a sense of occasion and attention to detail. 
In 2021, P&O Cruises will launch Iona its first Excel class ship. The new 
LNG-powered ship, with 5,200-guest capacity, will be the largest ship built to 
serve the UK market. Iona will feature enhancements to already successful brand 
signature venues from the existing fleet, as well as features newly developed 
for Iona. 
P&O Cruises second LNG-powered Excel class ship and sister ship to Iona is 
named Arvia, meaning from the seashore, and will join the fleet in December 
2022. Arvia is an innovative and future-focused ship and will offer 
outstanding, varied and contemporary holidays. Arvia has been designed to 
travel to the sun all year-round and to maximise views of the ocean and the 
seashore from everywhere on board. 
With over 200 destinations worldwide, P&O Cruises Itineraries are carefully 
curated to inspire discovery, and are varied to suit newcomers and experienced 
guests alike. With a wide choice of holidays from two days to three months 
there is something for everyone. P&O Cruises sails to Australia & New Zealand, 
Baltic, the British Isles, Canada, the Spain, Portugal & the Canary Islands, 
the Caribbean, Central America, the Far East & Asia, the Indian Ocean, the 
Mediterranean, Scandinavia, South America, the South Pacific, the United States 
and Western Europe. 
The company is part of Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE:CUK). 
For further images visit:  https://www.pocruisespresspictures.com/ 
*Holidays which will be cancelled due to current guidance are detailed below 
 Ship   Cruise     Departure date           Destination       Nts 
Arcadia  J105         20-May-21        Western Mediterranean  18 
         J106         07-Jun-21            Cruise Break        4 
         J107         11-Jun-21               Iceland         14 
         J108         25-Jun-21            Norway Fjord       12 
         J109         07-Jul-21            Cruise Break        4 
         J110         11-Jul-21            Norway Fjord       12 
         J111         23-Jul-21            British Isles      12 
         J112         04-Aug-21            Arctic Circle      23 
         J113         27-Aug-21        Central Mediterranean  19 
 Ship   Cruise Departure date        Destination         Nts 
Aurora   R105     24-Apr-21     Southern Cruise Break     7 
         R106     01-May-21     Central Mediterranean    19 
         R107     20-May-21             Baltic           16 
         R108     05-Jun-21          Norway Fjord        12 
         R109     17-Jun-21     Central Mediterranean    19 
         R110     06-Jul-21            Iceland           14 
         R111     20-Jul-21             Baltic           16 
         R112     05-Aug-21          Norway Fjord        12 
         R113     17-Aug-21             Baltic           16 
  Ship   Cruise  Departure date           Destination           Nts 
 Azura    A109     29-Apr-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A109A    29-Apr-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A109B    06-May-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A109C    06-May-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A110     13-May-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A110A    13-May-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A110B    20-May-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A110C    20-May-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A111     27-May-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A111A    27-May-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A111B    03-Jun-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A111C    03-Jun-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A112     10-Jun-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A112A    10-Jun-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A112B    17-Jun-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A112C    17-Jun-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A113     24-Jun-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A113A    24-Jun-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A113B    01-Jul-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A113C    01-Jul-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A114     08-Jul-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A114A    08-Jul-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A114B    15-Jul-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A114C    15-Jul-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A115     22-Jul-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A115A    22-Jul-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A115B    29-Jul-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A115C    29-Jul-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A116     05-Aug-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A116A    05-Aug-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A116B    12-Aug-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A116C    12-Aug-21    Eastern Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A117     19-Aug-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
          A117A    19-Aug-21    Central Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A117B    26-Aug-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly)  7 
          A117C    26-Aug-21    Western Mediterranean (Med Fly) 14 
  Ship    Cruise Departure date           Destination           Nts 
Britannia  B111    25-Apr-21            Atlantic Coast          13 
           B112    08-May-21         Western Mediterranean      14 
           B113    22-May-21         Western Mediterranean      14 
           B114    05-Jun-21         Western Mediterranean      14 
           B115    19-Jun-21         Western Mediterranean      14 
           B116    03-Jul-21         Western Mediterranean      14 
           B117    17-Jul-21         Western Mediterranean      14 
           B118    31-Jul-21         Western Mediterranean      14 
           B119    14-Aug-21         Western Mediterranean      14 
           B120    28-Aug-21         Western Mediterranean      14 
           B121    11-Sep-21         Western Mediterranean      14 
Ship Cruise Departure date Destination    Nts 
Iona  G111    24-Apr-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G112    01-May-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G113    08-May-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G114    15-May-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G115    22-May-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G116    29-May-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G117    05-Jun-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G118    12-Jun-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G119    19-Jun-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G120    26-Jun-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G121    03-Jul-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G122    10-Jul-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G123    17-Jul-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G124    24-Jul-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G125    31-Jul-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G126    07-Aug-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G127    14-Aug-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G128    21-Aug-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G129    28-Aug-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G130    04-Sep-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G131    11-Sep-21    Norway Fjord    7 
      G132    18-Sep-21    Norway Fjord    7 
  Ship    Cruise Departure      Destination     Nts 
 Ventura   N108  30-Apr-21  Short Break (Round   2 
           N109  02-May-21        Western       14 
           N110  16-May-21        Baltic        14 
           N111  30-May-21        Western       14 
           N112  13-Jun-21        Baltic        14 
           N113  27-Jun-21        Western       14 
           N114  11-Jul-21        Baltic        14 
           N115  25-Jul-21        Western       14 
           N116  08-Aug-21        Baltic        14 
           N117  22-Aug-21        Western       14 
CONTACT: Michele Andjel, michele.andjel@carnivalukgroup.com 023 8065 6653 / 
07730 732 072; Laura Tattam, laura.tattam@pocruises.com 02380 656651 / 07771 
283 845; Jenny Hadley, jenny.hadley@pocruises.com 023 8065 6650 / 07825 120 088 

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