EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Periodontist Dr. Andres Sanchez participated in the recent University of Michigan School of Dentistry Microsurgery Webinar Series to improve the efficacy of gum disease and dental implant treatments available at his practice, PerioWest in Eden Prairie, MN. The primary course objective focused on a paradigm shift for periodontal and implant-related surgeries leveraging the use of loupes or the operating microscope with micro-instruments. Participants in the courses learned the fundamental advantages of a minimally invasive approach for wound healing and were introduced to a variety of surgical procedures that can be accomplished with an operating microscope, including intraoral hard- and soft-tissue regeneration.

Dr. Sanchez participates in ongoing advanced training to enhance his periodontal skills. As a highly skilled periodontist, Dr. Sanchez has dedicated his practice in Eden Prairie, MN to placing dental implants and treating gum disease using state-of-the-art techniques, including PIEZOSURGERY® and LANAP®. He leverages proven, minimally invasive techniques when he places dental implants that allow patients to regain maximum use of their teeth while maintaining jaw strength, a natural appearance, and restored function.

When it was introduced in 2001, PIEZOSURGERY revolutionized bone surgery for periodontists and offered a host of benefits to patients. This technology utilizes a patented, controlled 3D ultrasonic vibration to precisely cut bone without penetrating sinus membranes, gingival or soft nerve tissue. PIEZOSURGERY is an ideal, more precise, and safer approach for treatment including sinus lifts and alveolar ridge augmentation. "Because the cutting action is less invasive, collateral tissue damage is minimal, resulting in reduced postoperative pain and faster healing for our patients," said Dr. Sanchez.

LANAP is a faster, gentler, non-invasive method for treating problems associated with periodontal disease that is scalpel- and suture-free. It is an FDA-approved laser gum disease treatment that is proven to promote gum tissue regeneration. In the hands of experienced periodontist Dr. Sanchez, the innovative laser enables deep cleaning of periodontal pockets that have formed between a patient's teeth and gums due to gum disease, while sparing healthy tissue. Studies have shown that several months after LANAP treatment, up to 99 percent of gum disease-causing bacteria in the periodontal pockets is eliminated. Most patients see a significant reduction in the depth of their pockets. The laser is ultra-precise, which results in very little post-procedural loss of tooth and bone structure and quicker recovery.

When left untreated, gum disease has many negative consequences including tooth and bone loss, systemic infection, and an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, dementia, and pregnancy complications. Some studies suggest periodontal disease also significantly raises the risk of kidney, pancreatic, and blood cancers in men. Dr. Sanchez provides quick and efficient gum disease treatment in Eden Prairie, MN, allowing patients to improve both their oral and overall health.

Individuals with tooth loss or gum disease in Eden Prairie, MN are encouraged to contact PerioWest for a consultation with experienced periodontist Dr. Sanchez to discuss PIEZOSURGERY, LANAP, or dental implants. Schedule an appointment by calling 952-567-7457 or visiting http://www.periowestmn.com.

About the Periodontist

PerioWest is a periodontal practice offering personalized dental care for patients in Eden Prairie, MN and the Twin Cities areas. Dr. Andres R. Sanchez received his Certificate & Master's Degree in Periodontics from the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He is a board-certified periodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. In addition, Dr. Sanchez has been involved as a primary author in more than ten scientific papers published in major periodontal and implant dentistry journals. His associate, Dr. Eleni Voltidi is a prosthodontist who completed her Fellowship in Dental Oncology and Maxillofacial Prosthetics from the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. PerioWest provides state-of-the-art dental implant treatment, LANAP® laser therapy, and advanced periodontal care to Eden Prairie, MN and the Twin Cities areas. To learn more about Dr. Sanchez and the services provided at PerioWest, please visit the practice website at http://www.periowestmn.com or call 952-567-7457.

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