Statement of Dr. Stuart Bussey, President of UAPD

The Supreme Court has Spoken…Now Physicians Must Speak Out

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today's decision has made it more difficult to be a woman.

The decision to overturn 50 years of the federal right of women to have an abortion is sure to create chaos. As physicians we are an integral part of this evolving and divisive change. Doctors need to provide light, clarity and education to resolve controversy - in state courts, state legislatures and, most importantly, to women faced with a difficult decision. The zone of privacy mentioned in Roe v Wade includes the women and families who make the abortion decision, and the medical provider who bears the immense responsibility for the act.

Most Americans favor the right to an abortion under certain conditions. But half the states are expected to ban abortions, some without any exceptions. Half will still allow abortions under conditions to be determined. Some employers will pay travel expenses for those seeking abortions, but many will not. Local prosecutors and jurors may or may not enforce state laws. Politics will be in play.

That is why it is critical Doctors are available to advocate and help women make decisions and stand by them throughout the process. Physicians and other abortion providers will not only provide abortion services in "abortion states" but should provide advice and advocacy in states where rape, incest, maternal health, and medical emergency is at issue.

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Dr. Stuart Bussey, M.D. & J.D. is President of UAPD. Please contact: Ray Quintanilla, 312-505-7862, for interview requests.

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