Sunnova Energy International, Inc. (“Sunnova” or “the Company”) (NYSE: NOVA), Puerto Rico’s largest residential solar and battery storage Energy as a Service (“EaaS”) provider, today announced that it is ready to participate in the Battery Emergency Demand Response program in Puerto Rico. This program revolutionizes the way distributed solar and storage customers contribute to grid stability during periods of high demand and are financially compensated for their contribution. By voluntarily participating in the program through the Sunnova Flex Power Program, Sunnova customers will play an active role in bolstering the grid and supporting a reliable power supply for Puerto Ricans.

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During periods of grid instability, typically when existing power plants are unable to meet high demand, Sunnova’s fleet of batteries will be called upon to provide energy, dramatically reducing strain on the grid and minimizing blackouts. In return for their battery response and contribution, customers will be compensated for the power supplied by their batteries. This approach not only incentivizes customers to embrace renewable energy solutions but also creates a win-win-win situation whereby the grid is strengthened, customers receive an additional financial benefit from their systems, and heavily polluting peaker plants are relied upon less. Through this groundbreaking initiative, Puerto Ricans can benefit from a steadier power supply while Sunnova customers benefit from the advantages of their energy-conscious decisions.

"The unfortunate reality of an unreliable local electrical grid and frequent power outages has plagued Puerto Rico for far too long. Luckily, a new era of energy stability and empowerment is here. By harnessing the energy stored in batteries during times of high demand or emergencies, homeowners can actively contribute to grid stabilization and be rewarded for their valuable contribution, all while benefitting electricity consumers across the Island," said William J. (John) Berger, Chief Executive Officer of Sunnova, emphasizing that Sunnova customers will maintain resiliency and energy independence and that their batteries will never be dispatched immediately ahead of predicted hurricanes or severe weather, ensuring stored power supply will be protected and available for their homes.

For more than ten years, Sunnova has been the leading provider of residential solar services in Puerto Rico, spearheading the island's transformation towards distributed solar and storage energy service solutions. Since the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria in 2017, Sunnova has helped to drive energy resiliency and reliability in Puerto Rico. With the largest customer base of distributed solar and battery storage installations in Puerto Rico, Sunnova is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact with its Flex Power Program. With over 55,000 customers in Puerto Rico, Sunnova takes the lead with its approximately 48,000 solar and storage customers, boasting an impressive total installed storage capacity of 727 MWh. This massive aggregation and coordination of solar plus battery storage systems on the island facilitates unparalleled contributions to grid stability and resilience. Sunnova's pivotal role not only solidifies its position as a key player in shaping Puerto Rico's energy landscape but also ensures a more resilient and sustainable future for the island.

When the grid is under stress, and as requested by LUMA, participating systems will be instructed to discharge battery storage to the site or to the grid, reducing overall demand on the grid, minimizing blackouts, and keeping the power on. Under the program, Sunnova expects to dispatch a participating customer’s battery up to a maximum number of 125 dispatch events each year. In each demand response, the customers’ battery will never be discharged below a capacity level of their choosing. At the end of the year, participating customers would be credited by Sunnova for the energy produced by their batteries during these events.

Compensation under the program will be based on how much energy each customer’s battery provides when called upon. The average residential customer may receive up to $1,000 annually for their participation, depending on their battery size and configuration, and final program details. Depending on whether a system has been financed with a loan or a lease, Sunnova will automatically apply the incentive as a credit towards the account each year or send an ACH payment to the customer, respectively.

Sunnova’s program is being launched under the aegis of the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau’s (“PREB”) Energy Efficiency and Emergency Demand Response Programs, expected to commence later this year pursuant to the Government of Puerto Rico’s public policy on energy efficiency. Specifically, the Puerto Rico Energy Transformation and Relief Act of 2014 (Act 57-2014) requires the PREB to establish energy efficiency programs in order for Puerto Rico to reduce energy consumption from current levels—thereby lowering individual customers’ energy bills—and rebuild a stronger and more cost-effective energy system that is responsive to customer’s needs and contributes to energy quality by diminishing the need for more expensive fossil fuel generation.

Sunnova already has over 20,000 customers participating in grid services programs in six markets stateside, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, California, Texas, and New York.

During a visit to the Island last April to hold the publicly traded Sunnova’s quarterly Board of Directors meeting, Berger celebrated the company’s contribution to the expansion of the residential solar energy industry in Puerto Rico during the last 10 years and outlined plans for the future.

“We are enormously proud of, and thankful for, the opportunity we’ve had in helping provide energy independence to thousands of Puerto Rican homeowners. When we first arrived on the Island in 2013, there were very few Puerto Rican homes with solar. Today, thanks to the hard work of our team and our trusted network of exclusive dealers Sunnova has more than 55,000 customers in Puerto Rico. That’s significant growth by any standard and it has helped solidify Puerto Rico as our third largest market in the entire U.S.,” said Berger. “Frankly, the credit goes to the savvy Puerto Rican consumers who have embraced solar and battery storage technology solutions to satisfy their residential energy needs in a more efficient, resilient and cost-effective manner. Now, with our Flex Power Program they will have the opportunity to put their solar plus storage systems not only to work for them, but for their communities and the entire Puerto Rico energy system,” he added.

As it celebrates its 10th anniversary in Puerto Rico, Sunnova has been hard at work investing in its customer service infrastructure on the Island, including the doubling of its Puerto Rican service technicians over the last year, bolstering its supply chain for equipment for its service fleet, and introducing of a new customer service call center in Puerto Rico for Puerto Rican customers. “Puerto Rico is our flagship for a whole new level of customer service among all the markets we serve,” said Berger.


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