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World of IoT (Internet of Things)

Jul 09 2021 @ 02:41
We have entered the world where technology meets humans in a way that only a handful had envisioned a few years ago. We are talking about IoT, an acronym that is making rounds around the globe. It takes only a brief scan of any given day’s headlines to truly appreciate the lightspeed pace at which […]

Getting Remortgage Advice

Jul 08 2021 @ 06:44
There has never been a more applicable time to see a professional mortgage advisor. With the markets newfound turbulence and lenders being increasingly sceptical, having someone to help navigate this is key. Lending criteria and policies are changing on a weekly basis and are adapting at a faster rate than we have ever seen. On […]

iGaming Stocks' Expansion to The International Market

Jul 08 2021 @ 04:09
If we think about betting, our mindset goes to betting at the win group or the lose group. The 2 way lines are commonly used by many bookmakers and punters but nowadays, there are 3 way handicap betting which cover different ways of betting. The 3 way bet line can be used when betting, it […]

Top 5 iGaming ETF Worth to Look in 2021

Jul 08 2021 @ 04:08
2020 was full of surprises, and 2021 was the time where we all should rise from the dark times. As last year can be seen as a year of disappointment, many failures and much sadness, the year 2021 proves to be a dynamic and adapting time for the global economy all around the world. Many […]

5 Best-Performing Gambling Companies In The UK

Jul 08 2021 @ 03:57
Gambling in the UK has always been incredibly popular. It doesn’t matter whether you go down to your local casino or whether you choose to attend race days because it’s now very easy for you to have the best time online. Want to find out more? Find the 5 top-performing gambling companies below. William Hill […]

How can Day Traders make consistent profits?

Jul 08 2021 @ 03:54
Day Trading can be a great way to make extra money. In fact it’s the perfect side hustle, you can work a couple of hours per day from anywhere you want to. But 90% of DayTraders lose money. Why is that and how do you make profits consistently? Can you make money? Trillions of dollars […]

Why Diversification Is Important in Investing

Jul 07 2021 @ 02:38
As an investor you are constantly being barraged by a veritable word salad by brokers trying to get you to buy their stock, and one of the biggest thrown about is diversification. Here, we give you a heads up on what it means and how diversifying your portfolio can impact your investments. What is Diversification? […]

3 Ways to Fund Startups

Jul 06 2021 @ 08:09
Looking to fund a startup? Here are 3 great ways to do so. 1. Self-Funding One of the most common ways of funding a venture is self-funding. Professional investors usually have a word to describe it; having skin in the game. When you use your own for the venture, you are sending out a message […]

YouTube for Marketing your Small Business

Jul 06 2021 @ 08:06
YouTube is a video platform replete with tutorials, music and cat videos, so it may not seem like the best place to begin marketing for your small business. But comments on YouTube have recently been linked to Google+ and it has become a more social platform than ever before. If you have considered using this […]

5 Funding Options To Raise Startup Capital For Business

Jul 06 2021 @ 08:04
It is no secret that in order to start a business you need capital, the bigger the capital the better it is for a startup. For a good idea, you can easily attract investors that are willing to invest and take risk for a huge sum of money. Capital is the most important prerequisite for […]
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