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Forex Leverage 101: Everything You Need To Know

Sep 17 2020 @ 04:33
Leverage in foreign exchange trading can be either a curse or a blessing in disguise. Simply put, leverage refers to capital provided by a broker to a trader to use at an interest-free rate or for a very small fee. Leverage in trading is often calculated as a multiple on a trader’s deposit in their […]

How can you become rich?

Sep 17 2020 @ 03:09
The Italians say that ” to make money you have to inherit, marry, or steal it.” However, this is an opinion that most people share, but there are ways to get rich without just being lucky. The road to wealth, as you already know, is not paved with rose petals and the steps you have […]

"How and where to invest?" - Beginner's Guide

Sep 17 2020 @ 03:09
This question has been asked very often in recent months. More and more people are thinking of investing their money in stocks and now in cryptocurrencies. Since the markets collapsed in March, because of the Covid-19, many people have been looking for how and where to invest. In every crash, there are opportunities, and the shares of big […]

BitCoin - a beginner's guide

Sep 17 2020 @ 03:08
What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency (or digital currency), which allows us to trade directly without the need to use the traditional banking system. It is a series of registrations (additions and subtractions of transactions) stored in an extensive database in a very secure way so that no one can falsify the […]

In which countries can you get richer faster?

Sep 17 2020 @ 03:08
Let’s assume that you are determined to do whatever it takes, within the legal framework, of course, to become really rich. What would be the ideal country for you? The unique features that favor the daring and why the Nordic countries appear in the top positions despite the high taxes. The most recent data showing […]

Investing in the USA from Abroad

Sep 17 2020 @ 03:08
In recent years, the United States has experienced a period of high and steady growth. A few years ago, many analysts estimated that the US economy was on the brink of recession – a prediction that was not finally verified. Investment movements in markets around the world involve some difficulties. The first ones that one […]

COVID-19: Are Restaurant Customer Loyalty Cards Dead?

Sep 16 2020 @ 03:35
With the COVID-19 pandemic decimating in-house dining, it may seem as though customer loyalty programs will no longer be effective at encouraging repeated customer visits to restaurants. However, with a little ingenuity and some adaptations to bring your loyalty program online, you can continue to encourage customers to come through your virtual doors and help […]

5 Useful Tools for Stock Traders

Sep 15 2020 @ 10:40
They say a workman is only as good as his tools. The modern stock market seems to adhere to this principle perfectly. You will not compete favorably without an arsenal of digital tools to assist with the analysis and simplification of market activities. For newbies, here are five essential tools that separate the successful traders […]

Statistics Of Cancer: Its Causes And Effects On The Healthcare Sector

Sep 15 2020 @ 10:03
Cancer is a serious disease that affects approximately 38.4% of Americans at some point. In many cases, it can be fatal. Read on to find out about some of the causes of cancer and its effects on the healthcare sector. Cancer Causes Gene Mutations Cancer is caused by DNA mutations that cause cells to stop […]

Learn the Possible Methods of Buying Bitcoin with PayPal

Sep 15 2020 @ 03:34
People often look up to prefer a safe and secure trading platform for dealing with bitcoins. Similarly, the payment options also carry the utmost importance in this field. Amongst all the available options, PayPal is one trusted network that offers an ideal structure of payouts. PayPal has integrated superior encryption to keep the accounts safe […]
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