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Cryptocurrency Crash Causing Reduction in GPU Price, as Mining Profits Also Declines

Jun 23 2022 @ 13:57
Video game players are happy, while investors in cryptocurrency are anxious to know when crypto will seize to plummet. The crypto market crash has caused the price of GPUs to gradually reduce. GPU has recorded a fifteen percent decrease in price during last month: May. A personal Computer news and review webpage: Tom’s Hardware disclosed […]

8 Things I Wish People Had Told Me About Being A Trader

Jun 23 2022 @ 08:49
Not everyone will be happy for you. The tall poppy syndrome is alive and well. Be careful who you share your dreams with, especially early on in your trading career. A dream is the most fragile when it is first birthed. Trading sounds glamourous, but it isn’t. The best traders follow the same routines day […]

Tether Is Set to Commence a Stablecoin Which Will Be Pegged to British Pound

Jun 22 2022 @ 11:46
The main Stablecoin Corporation: Tether, is striving to increase its market by introducing GBPT. The GBPT is a crypto that is pegged to the British Pounds: GBP. The Stablecoin company disclosed that the new GBPT crypto will be launched come early next month – July. Also, Tether added that this new crypto project will run […]

A Dogecoin Investor Drags Elon Musk Into A $258 Billion Lawsuit

Jun 21 2022 @ 06:20
An American crypto investor by the name of Keith Johnson has filed a $258 billion lawsuit against Elon Musk at the federal court in Manhattan. He claimed that Elon Musk has used his influence as the world’s richest man to push and promote Dogecoin when it has no value. He alleged that Dogecoin is a […]

Workers at Terraform Labs Placed Under Travel Ban by Prosecutors From South Korea

Jun 20 2022 @ 15:04
Workers at Terraform Labs were said to have been prohibited from traveling out of South Korea while probing is ongoing. This ban was imposed on Terraform workers by Prosecutor’s investigation team from Southern Seoul. The purpose of the ban was to prevent notable Terraform workers from eluding investigation. It was also gathered that the company’s […]

Struggling XRPUSD Experiences A Slight Drop In Price

Jun 20 2022 @ 02:10
Since the 15th of May, after the steep price crash, Ripple has been struggling; as its price action ranges sideways. Between the 10th to the 13th of June, we witnessed a slight, daily consecutive drop in price From $0.40857 to $0.31056. SUPPORT LEVEL: $0.3328, $0.29560, $0.28164 RESISTANCE LEVELS: $0.41653, $0.45513, $0.44444 Readings From Indicators The […]

The President of El Salvador Lands in Trouble Over Eighteen Million Dollar Loss as Bitcoin Falls to $23,000

Jun 16 2022 @ 07:31
The president of El Salvador: Bukele, has been under the attack from critics, as Bitcoin falls deeper below $23,000. However, Bitcoin hasn’t fallen this far since last month of 2020. This undesirable occurrence started at the beginning of Tokyo Trading period on Monday this week. Bitcoin became vulnerable after the publication of US inflation data; […]

The Inventor of Dogecoin Opposes the Idea of Crypto Being Protection Against Inflation

Jun 14 2022 @ 08:57
Billy: inventor of Dogecoin shared his opinion on the belief that crypto can function as a protection against inflation. He opined that such beliefs are just marketing and that the reason why people possess crypto is due to its very volatile nature. This story surrounding crypto came up some months ago. At that time, cryptocurrency […]

Ethereum’s Consideration Of An Alternative Mode Of Operation

Jun 14 2022 @ 01:54
Rapstan is an Ethereum experimental network (testnet). It was created to afford Ethereum Network an opportunity for a safe future transition from Proof-Of-Work to Proof-Of-Stake. Initially, Ethereum is operating on proof-of-work to mine new coin. PoW has a lot of problems attached to it, and that is why innovators came up with a new design […]

The Difference Between Proof-Of-Work and Proof-Of-Stake

Jun 13 2022 @ 02:39
One of the challenges of cryptocurrencies is the consumption of a high amount of electric power. Powerful computer systems need a high amount of electrical power for mining new coins. Proof-of-work came into existence in 1993. It was created to solve the problem of spam emails. Proof-of-work was adopted by Satoshi Nakomoto (the founder of […]
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