You Need To Accept This Trading Truth If You Want To Survive

Sep 26 2022 @ 07:01
A TRUTH ABOUT TRADING A couple of things in life that I really don’t look forward to are: 1. when they draw blood for my semi-annual health checkup and 2. when I have to go to the doctor. Yet, when I think about it, not going could be a lot worse than going. I don’t […]

Kenya’s Apex Bank Governor Under Pressure to Convert Their Foreign Reserves to Bitcoin

Sep 22 2022 @ 07:43
The governor of the Apex Bank of Kenya says he is under pressure from those who propose that the foreign reserves should be converted to Bitcoin Kenya’s Apex Bank governor, Njoroge Patrick, speaks during a parliamentary meeting saying that he considered this suggestion to be nonsense. He stressed the fact that the decision to convert […]

Expectations About ADA’s (Cardano) Vasil Hard Fork

Sep 20 2022 @ 05:20
A hard fork is a new software upgrade for blockchain. This new software approves unapproved transactions and blocks. Most blockchain rarely carries out a hard fork, the ADA blockchain does carry out a hard fork annually. The inevitable hard fork which will be carried out on ADA’s blockchain could be of interest to hardcore cryptocurrency […]

Binance, to Automatically Convert USDC, TUSD and USDP to BUSD

Sep 19 2022 @ 17:54
In a bid to improve the satisfaction of customers in the area of easy conversion of stablecoins to cash, Binance is bringing up BUSD (Binance USD). This is expected to be encompassing the three stablecoins as it will automatically convert the three stablecoins to BUSD. This new development will affect the new users’ accounts and […]

The Brother of past Coinbase Manager Found Guilty of Crypto Wire Fraud

Sep 14 2022 @ 12:44
Nikhil Wahi a brother to a past Coinbase Product Manager, was found guilty of committing crypto fraud. He committed fraud by using information gotten from an insider. Also, the information used was even collected from his brother (Ishan Wahl). Going by the release, the culprit may serve a 20 years jail term. Also, he will […]

Half a Billion More Crypto Investors by 2030

Sep 13 2022 @ 17:25
In a report sourced from Alex Kruger, a macroeconomist, he said that 500,000,000 more prospects should enter the crypto industry by the year 2030. And this should encourage the development and acceptability of this aspect of the financial market. Crypto is becoming increasingly popular especially among young investors, even though it is not yet widely […]

The First 10 Addresses Containing Ripple Controls about 73% Of All the Cryptocurrency

Sep 13 2022 @ 09:23
Whales in the cryptocurrency industry have caused debates over the past years. The concern has been about such holders having the ability to control the value of various cryptos. The effect of the big holder has also been experienced in Ripple, and this factor has made it into law circles. Specifically, it was discovered that […]

How Does the Ethereum Merge Affect Your Account?

Sep 12 2022 @ 13:44
Get Ready as Ethereum’s Merge Is Anticipated For Mid-September What to expect from during the Ethereum merge What is this merge all about? It is an upgrade of the Ethereum blockchain network in a bid to change from the conventional system of proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS). The main idea […]

SEC Set to Deal With Increasing Cryptocurrency Issuer Cases Using Special Offices

Sep 12 2022 @ 07:42
As cases coming from Crypto issuers in the US continues to flow in, SEC is making arrangements to establish offices that will offer a special kind of assistance to the already existing offices that are charged with the responsibility of looking into issuer cases. The Security Exchange Commission declared its plan of establishing two offices, […]

Do You Posses Ethereum? Here Is What You Should Do

Sep 10 2022 @ 08:03
You should have heard that Ethereum is at the verge of undergoing its largest upgrade. This action has been on the way for many years and there has been a lot of last minutes setbacks. Consequently, these has caused a lot of skeptics in the cryptocurrency market to believe that this will not eventually occur. […]
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