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Univec Inc (PK)

Univec Inc (PK) (UNVC)

Closed July 21 3:00PM

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Toodles Toodles 1 day ago
Doc reposted the video tribute of JHB honoring his wife, which was a beautiful heart felt tribute. Only thing was why did he put in the video of Doc owning the 22nd largest black owned company in it. Because it is absolutely false.

On Jan 22/2023 Black Source Media published the top 20 biggest black owned companies in the US.
In February 2023 Privoc listed HRI revenues of 285 million.

HRI would have been listed as 13th, if it were true.
Does anyone believe this BS from JHB or Dalton that he owns the 22nd largest black owned business.
20. Salamander Hotels & Resorts
Revenues: $220 Million


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BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 2 days ago
Today, 3's, tomorrow, .0001 and delisting
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BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 3 days ago
Time never did anything with the scamming pos doc. It's more bullshit misinformation made by the clown squad and the ratchet idiots to pump the scam.
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Toodles Toodles 4 days ago
It appears Time Organization Inc has some internal problems, if you click on the Contact feature on any of the sites posted by Time, this is what you get.

Could all the deceitful practices of Lamont and Dalton be catching up with them now.

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4C 4C 4 days ago
Come on Dalton, we're waiting for more lies.

Just so we can debunk them, and provide more proof to regulatory agencies of your misdeeds.

Silence is golden... but in your case I believe it's fear causing the silence.
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BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 5 days ago
This will never get to $4-5. Anyone saying this is living a pipe dream or is trying to manipulate the narrative that this isn't anything more than badly run scam run by a clown squad.
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2016LVK 2016LVK 1 week ago
"Real money won’t touch this until it’s at least $4-5.
No financial adviser can touch it where it’s at"
LOL. 4 or 5 dollars for a company that has nothing
and is doing nothing. Can't wait to see that.

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BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 1 week ago
Nobody believes that at all. Everyone knows this is nothing but a pump and dump scam run by clowns. Are you still going to put up anything of substance to show us why we should buy shares?
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4C 4C 1 week ago
Stocks increase in price based on company performance.

Univec doesn't even have a product or service (or legitimate address).

The only thing we have for certain is years of lies, and many of them.

My expectations are vastly different.

Dalton has an uncanny ability to vaguely suggest or portray future events as possible catalysts, which his servile fan-boy investors then latch on to. Time passes, nothing happens and then miraculously there is yet another future event - often in a completely different direction with different companies / partners / associations or services, and the cycle repeats. Nothing is mentioned about the prior business endeavors which never panned out, and those same obsequious investors never question it or take him to task - this allows Dalton to continue unabated, safe in the knowledge his sad but ever optimistic disciples will simply fall in line once again.

• Nicotine patches - fail
• Marijuana / cbd patches - fail
• Harvest Health - fail
• AgriMed - fail
• EuroMed - fail
• Enogenesis - fail
• BioRemedies - fail
• EagleForce - fail
• MimiRX - fail
• Addiction Treatment Services - fail
• Telehealth - fail
• Healthscribe - fail
• Apple and Amazon - fail
• WellnessRX - fail
• Wraparound services - fail

I'm not even including his false merger of worthless name-only companies in that list.

Now it's the Dream Exchange, IR-Med and PI Prevention.
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Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
Apparently you believe the PPS will drastically climb up, so enlighten us to the reasoning for this, help investors out.

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Goteleft Goteleft 2 weeks ago
Every person with common sense knows that if you really believed that Univec will go to zero you would sell your shares, I am sure most of the posters here believe Univec will go up drastically one day.
💩 4 🤡 3 🤮 1
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
On 11/02/221 A PR was released by Univec and Bio-Remedies MD stating bioRemedies MD's proprietary cannabinoid-based products will be used by UNIVEC, Inc. in clinical behavioral health settings for out-patient treatment.
UNIVEC, Inc. will make private label and bioRemedies MD products available through several distribution channels throughout the U.S. market, including recently acquired community-based outpatient mental health centers.

These were Fraudulent statements, Dalton being a Doctor of Pharmacy knew this was a Lie.

We called the Time Organization Inc Medical clinic in Glen Burnie, Maryland. (443) 704-1082

The lady (Jo) who answered the phone, we asked if they used CBD products in any of their treatment programs.
She started laughing and said ABSOLUTELY NOT You're kidding correct, we said no, she said hold on and we were disconnected very shortly afterward.

Life will teach you well, my Dad always told me in business if they lie to then 9 out 10 times given the opportunity they will steal from you.


BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 2 weeks ago
You keep thinking that. It's your only excuse to pump a known scam. Remember, those who pump the scam, are scam artists themselves. Where's your actual substance? You once again attack other users on the board.
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
Matter of fact it is their day job, I never posted all of it. I'm not saying this will happen, but there are a couple 3 things that can happen between now and then that could cause it, without getting delisted. It will be interesting to keep track, to see how it turns out.

You have to keep Dalton's history in play.
1)Expert Market
2)Grey Market
3)Caveat Emptor

Here is some more of it.

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Cheetah Man Iowa Cheetah Man Iowa 2 weeks ago
You wouldn’t hang around with the rest of this bunch and obsessively be posting on the UNVC board if you didn’t think there was money to be made one way or another.

$$$ UNVC $$$
💩 2 🙉 2 🤡 3
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 2 weeks ago
Are you going to offer something up here that of actual substance or are you going to just keep attacking users on the board as well like the rest of the circus?
👍️ 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 2 weeks ago
What's the pps? What has it been the last year? .004? Oh yah. The market is REALLY not agreeing with that analysis. 🤣🙄
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Cheetah Man Iowa Cheetah Man Iowa 2 weeks ago
Your analyst better not quit his day job.

$$$ UNVC $$$
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Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
According to their prediction the fall don't really start till 1st of August, it was from a company which is all they do and boast 70% accuracy, a lot could happen either way between now and August first.

Right now, everything with UNVC is just speculation about what is going to happen. But Dalton's history isn't helping things at all.

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Cheetah Man Iowa Cheetah Man Iowa 2 weeks ago
The market doesn’t seem to agree with that analysis.

$$$ UNVC $$$
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Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
Look at this Analyst Prediction for UNVC:

Univec Inc (UNVC) Stock Market info
Recommendations: Buy or sell Univec stock? Wall Street Stock Market & Finance report, prediction for the future: You'll find the Univec share forecasts, stock quote and buy / sell signals below. According to present data Univec's UNVC shares and potentially its market environment have been in bearish cycle last 12 months (if exists). Currently there seems to be a trend where stocks in the Healthcare sector(s) are not very popular in this period. Our Ai stock analyst implies that there will be a negative trend in the future and the UNVC shares are not a good investment for making money. Since this share has a negative outlook we recommend looking for other projects instead to build a portfolio. Trading in bear markets is always harder so you might want to avoid these stocks if you are not a veteran. Always read up on optimal investment strategies if you are new to investing. If you are good with personal finance and are looking to invest, you will find the Univec on PINK stock exchange.

👍️ 2
Homebrew Homebrew 2 weeks ago
Speaking of Penny-Scam Frauds, how's Dalton doing these days?
🎯 1 👍️ 2
4C 4C 2 weeks ago
No proof that IR-Med is connected to either.

Dalton or PI Prevention, just yet more speculation created via unsubstantiated suggestion.

Interestingly, the success of PressureSafe is entirely based upon uptake, if you read the S-1 it states the physical devices themselves will either be loaned or leased rather than sold, the majority of income will be derived from 'solution as a service' - each test will require a 'disposable unit' - this is where they intend to make their money, basically Pressure is intended to be a 'pay per use' device.

So market penetration is paramount for their success - and given this information - why on earth would you rely on a completely unknown start-up distributor rather than a top 10 player who already has connections and existing supply agreements in place with the largest health networks, long term care and palliative facilities?

By doing this they are self-creating a barrier to entry. There are plenty of superior medical devices out there which fail to gain market traction against inferior, older, or less technologically advanced competitor products - the most difficult part of the process being access to market and user adoption.

Regardless of whether Dalton is involved in any capacity (which I strongly doubt albeit he would like you to believe), succeeding to achieve any level of market saturation will be a very difficult challenge.
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Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
IR_MED filed the forum S-1 with SEC for a public offering 06/26/2024. We intend to apply to list our common stock and warrants on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbols “IRME” and “IRMEW”, respectively, No assurance can be given that our application will be approved. If our application is not approved or we otherwise determine that we will not be able to secure the listing of our common stock on Nasdaq, we will not complete this offering.

[color=red] Sorry but they do-not qualify for uplist to the Nasdaq, haven't even applied yet, it was shot at trying to get interest in the stock, but never worked, because no trades have happened since May 13th 2024 [/color]

They have a good product, but one similar is already in use now. For them to penetrate into the market with their product, it will take more than an un-known company such as PI PREVENTION CARE LLC, which everyone claims is Univec/Dalton's company without any proof at all to back it up.

The IP Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, Trade Secrets, is their asset at this time in the game, why hasn't one of the well-known companies that can put it to market gotten in the game, such as:
1. GE HealthCare
2. BD Becton, Dickinson and Company
3.Abbott Laboratories

IR_MED isn't listed here.

👍️ 2 💥 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 2 weeks ago
Are you ever going to post something of actual substance? All you do is whine and complain and attack other users.
👍️ 3
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
Respectfully asking, How long do you think Univec can stay listed without a corporate address, Lamont won't go down with Dalton, letting him use Time Organization's corporate address, not sure that he knows it's happening, the AG in the state of Md is looking into it now.

Dalton has used people's names and other organizations addresses to associate them with UNVC in the past without their knowledge, and got away with it because no one reported it, but that has changed now.

It's all starting to catch up with him now.


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surf1944 surf1944 2 weeks ago
UNVC will be worthless!
Goteleft Goteleft 2 weeks ago
Haha, good luck with that, it won’t happen IMO.
💩 1 🙉 1 🤡 2
surf1944 surf1944 2 weeks ago
The plan is to enjoy watching UNVC go to ZERO!
👍️ 1
Goteleft Goteleft 2 weeks ago
NOBODY would post here nonstop without a plan to make money by posting here! Everyone can make a reasonable guess why it happens. Have a good day everyone.
💩 2 🤡 2
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
Univec has been finished for 3 plus years, except for fraudulent Tweets, LinkedIn post, which now have almost dried up. Dalton is under pressure on his pump posts now, being closely watched and called out on his lies.

When trapped like a rat, maybe you ditch the Clown Car and run for Sunny Beaches he likes to post, but maybe not in the USA.

They say Dalton hinted that Univec would be in business with IR-Med, wouldn't this be insider information, which hasn't traded a share on the open market since May 13th for $0.60.

IR-MED is in bed with some very toxic people, Maxim Group LLC, David Dalton.


Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
Yesterday wrenchypoo made his post said he bought 50,000 shares, but after he realized only 5,000 shares traded, he edited it real fast, him and a couple others have been painting it up all week, trying to make it look like people are interested.

What a joke.

BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 2 weeks ago
This isn't Dalton. This is the clown squad controlling a fake twatter account. This is them trying to pump the scam.
Toodles Toodles 3 weeks ago
What a JOKE: Dalton comparing himself to 2 wealthy black men, (Robert F Smith and David Steward) hadn't posted it on LinkedIn, interesting he left it off there.

Very childish pump attempt, just like when he compared himself too the other people.

This is the proper way to run a company, GREAT NEWS LOL
Wealth and Health— Dr. David Dalton (@DrDavidDalton1) July 3, 2024

4C 4C 3 weeks ago
Dalton can't pump post anymore, he's under pressure.

Notice he hasn't made any direct claims for many months? Amazon / Nasdaq / that is us / our platform / all leads to Univec / uplist this quarter / time to deliver etc. These days he restricts himself to vague and generic replies mainly piggybacking other people's posts.

Things are going on behind the scenes - he knows it - and none of it is good for UNVC.

'I love it when auditors and attorneys agree' may well be apt.
👍️ 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 3 weeks ago
They aren't even pumping on the safe zone site anymore. They know it's a burnt scam and they are moving on to other scams they can sell.
Toodles Toodles 3 weeks ago
Remember the PUMP squad back in May said that The Time Organization Inc. went to Ga. because it proved JHB Promise Homes was involved, Time, Univec and Promise Homes.

Why don't they post true facts, look at the date 19 days ago it was REVOKED, They just want people to buy the shares they have been and trying to flip now.

REVOKED: They can-not consider doing business in Ga. for 5 years
Notice of Admin. Dissolution/Revocation
Filing Date
Filing Number
Foreign Nonprofit Corporation

Toodles Toodles 3 weeks ago
IR-MED posted on LinkedIn yesterday they were meeting their friends, Maxim Group LLC, they are like Dalton working with very toxic people, of course putting Dalton on the Advisory Board never helped, birds of a feather work together.

They can pump IR-Med all they want, but they're in bed in the wrong people from Moscow Russia
If they get listed on NASDAQ it'll surprise a lot of people.

File No. 3-21749. September 29, 2023 – The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced settled charges against registered broker-dealer Maxim Group, LLC (“Maxim”) for violating federal securities laws governing the execution of short sales and the submission of suspicious activity reports (SARs) They were fined 800k and paid it.

Recommendations from Maxim Group LLC
Feb. 29th 2024
Notice to WiSA Technologies Investors and Maxim Group Customers Who Suffered Losses: Contact KlaymanToskes Immediately.
Maxim Group, LLC served as the sole placement agent for WiSA in connection with its Private Placement offering. The compensation to Maxim Group for sales of the shares, as an agent of the company, is a cash transaction fee equal to three percent (3%) of the gross sales price of all of shares sold.

Maxim Group parent company under fire for alleged ...

TradeWinds › finance › maxim-gr...
Aug 22, 2023 — As TradeWinds reported in July, a repeat investor in shipping equity deals led by Maxim Group has been charged with fraud by the US Securities

The List just keeps going


👍️ 1
4C 4C 4 weeks ago
Amateur hour, nearly every filing has mistakes / errors

This one worse than most though, Dalton was probably fudging / copying / pasting stuff from previous reports.

2023 Annual Report shows debt of $13,479,582 as of Dec 31, 2023.
2024-Q1 report states the debt was $18,339 as of Dec 31, 2023.
2024-Q1 Condensed Balance Sheet still shows Payroll Liabilities of $13,479,582.

Nearly everything the guy does these days is embarrassing, this particularly so.

Is Robert Grass even still alive?
👍️ 1
surf1944 surf1944 4 weeks ago,2);SMA(13);PTP(50);ADX(14);SMA(50);SMACD(12,26,9);RSI(14,100);ACCUM;STOSL(14,3)&sym=CNNA&grid=1&height=500&studyheight=100,2);SMA(13);PTP(50);ADX(14);SMA(50);SMACD(12,26,9);RSI(14,100);ACCUM;STOSL(14,3)&sym=CNNA&grid=1&height=500&studyheight=100

The pumpers are still pushing the line that IRME will be their salvation, the latest filing looks more like dulition that will send IRME to a penny.
👍️ 2
Toodles Toodles 4 weeks ago
Look at the difference in the party loans.
BeerIsGood BeerIsGood 4 weeks ago
with what? OTC doesn't do a good job.
Toodles Toodles 4 weeks ago
A friend pointed this out to me today, look at Related Party loans in the filings.

For period Ending Dec. 31st 2023
For the period ended on December 31, 2023, and December 31, 2022, the Company has debt of $13,479,582 and 12,452,470 respectively.
Having as beneficiaries to Dr. David Dalton and Mr. Richard Blickstein. Also, the Company has Long-Term Related Party Loans, in
the amount of for the period ended on December 31, 2023, and December 31, 2022, $ 1,100,267 and $1,050,308 respectively.

For period ending March 31st 2024 this even has Dr. Grass in it
For the period ended on March 31, 2024, and December 31, 2023, the Company has debt of $19,179 and 18,339 respectively. Having
as creditors to Dr. David Dalton and Dr. Grass. Also, the Company has Long-Term Related Party Loans, in the amount of for the period
ended on March 31, 2024, and December 31, 2023, $ 71,892 and $71,892 respectively.

OTC doesn't do a good job.

BeerIsGood BeerIsGood 4 weeks ago
UNVC has nothing, they will not be on any Dream Exchange If we see UNVC listed on their website after the approval we will all be able to relax a little knowing that this fall will be our time.
👍️ 2
4C 4C 4 weeks ago
Dalton's well aware he's being heavily scrutinized now.

Hence the complete silence.

As soon as he makes any new claims they will truth checked and likely be debunked as well. He's in a tricky spot, he's always relied on the mindless gullibility of his fanboys / co-conspirators and their blind support, but he can't even bank on them now - if he stays silent they will get increasingly jaded, but if he posts lies he gets called out by a few tenacious but rightfully disgruntled investors.

If nothing else it proves the last 10+ years of vague claims of progress were utter BS.
👍️ 5 💥 1
Toodles Toodles 4 weeks ago
A LITTLE INFO for NEW INVESTORS they should know the facts about whether or not Dalton can sell shares without filing, he most certainly can. End of story!

Dalton has never filed a form (4) when he gifted his self the 1.1 billion shares 05/09/221, nor has any form been filed for him selling any shares.11/22/2010 he filed 15-12g and took UNVC dark. SEC Form 15-12G is a form required for the registration or termination of a class of security or notice of suspension of duty to file reports.

When a company files Form 15 or goes dark, it can suspend these reporting obligations as long as it does not have more than 300 shareholders of the deregistered class of securities on the first day of any fiscal year after it has filed Form 15. SEC Form 15-12B is filed by companies with a Commission File Number prefix of 001-.

In the filings if correct UNVC has never had more 287 shareholders, The Commission Number Prefix (value) has always been 001.

👍️ 3 💥 1
Toodles Toodles 4 weeks ago
Funny Dalton commented on a NMHA post, MOVING FORWARD, everyone knows it was meant for them, but he doesn't finish the sentence on purpose hoping the crew can hype it up into Univec, just one of his tactics to keep the FOMO in SH's minds.

The old CON-MAN, is running out of BS post and Tweets, he could care less, gifted himself 1.1 billion exempt shares for salary owed him, $10.00 for a million shares.

Closing Friday $0.0055 1 million sold by him $5,500.00. Not bad paydays for doing nothing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

👍️ 4 💥 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 1 month ago
This thing isn't delisted yet? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
👍️ 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 1 month ago
This thing isn't delisted yet? 🤣
👍️ 1
Toodles Toodles 1 month ago
Most of the shareholders in these Pink Tickers, know 99.9% of the 12,372 listed never go anywhere, they all run on speculation and hype, of course some have the P&D squads also.

What made UNVC somewhat different was (CEO) Dalton, with the resumes he posted with all these credentials, accomplishments, claiming he's the next best thing in the healthcare industry, going to change the whole landscape of it.

As it turns out, a lot of his accomplishments and credentials were fake, now UNVC is right in the 99.9% of them, not going anywhere it want even run now on the speculation or hype anymore. Not even with him trying to change the direction of the company, which has been done numerous times.

From 2020 thur 2023 UNVC filed revenue totaling $122,397.00, with gross profits of $ 28,734.00. total of 4 years.

Now vendors total owed them is $182,244.00 in 2020 (which 2020 is the first time this shows up in filings) to 2023 $307,398.00.

With $122,397.00 in revenues and $307,398.00 owed vendors, something isn't good here at all.

Univec already has one judgement from a previous vendor Nubenco Enterprises Inc, totaling $82,503.08 entered 07/09/2005

At his age now 75 and after 22.6 years as CEO, what is there for this man to launch, not SEC compliant, so he does not have to file when he is selling shares to supplement his retirement. It can be preached he does all they want to; did he file anything when he gifted his self 1.1 billion shares NO.

He'll keep running UNVC just as it is now for as long as he lives, or it's delisted, which ever comes first.

👍️ 2

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