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FuelCell Energy Inc

FuelCell Energy Inc (FCEL)

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FCEL Discussion

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Hoghead7 Hoghead7 2 hours ago
I am finally getting a nice commission tomorrow and it seems as though timing couldn't be more perfect. It would be a dream to pick up shares under $0.75 and watch it go to $2 by the September conference call. We need an interpreter on those 45 v rules I posted a little while ago. I believe that's an update effective June 19th. Anyone, I don't have time nor likely the ability or patience to translate. What if there is anything favorable this thing could double in weeks easily.
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 3 hours ago
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 4 hours ago
Everyone does realize this manipulation cannot go on forever and it would stop abruptly plug power was approved for 1.66 billion from the DOE. Because there's no way plug power goes back to $4 without fuel cell going over $1. And no one can tell me Clark would not go up 30% based on getting that money alone! I don't know if there's actually an open investigation or if that lone senator Just put a brief halt on things by requesting an investigation. Let's hope it's something like an unfounded claim. Or, We could always get more favorable 45V rules finalize. The big question is how does somebody get a new contract worth more than a full year's revenue expected to be mostly fulfilled within the next two years and in the stock price go down???
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 5 hours ago
Let me start with a brief Bio, I'm an amateur investor following fuel cell energy for over 20 years. The list of links below a references supporting my opinion but time frames and success I suggest are strictly my opinion and not investing advice. That said I am 100% certain of that opinion. This market manipulation will get trampled at some point. Hopefully 45V rules are favorably updated in the near future.

Off the top of my head in the past 10 minutes! And I'm sure I'm missing something that happened since the beginning of 2022. At least a FEW come to fruition or have progress updates this year, included in those is the most obvious, especially now that we have an IN COUNTRY executive! SK has more than 50MW FCE projects without current contracts needing service. S. Korea is aggressively pushing Fuel cells, more so than most if not all countries. Bank on at least 1/2 those this year.

MHB is definitely progressing, been to a couple of presentations together.

Don't forget IBM, should result in something, if not at least a sale.

TuNur, saw a couple articles about this region pushing Hydrogen production and transport

Chart Industries

S. Korea, KEPCO, parent of KOSPO, whom we installed 20MW project 2 months ahead of schedule (10 months) and did module replacements in 2023 with new 7 year cells.

Coming soon to a theater near you, if you're in Canada. Canada is moving swiftly now and we have board members from Canada and a manufacturing facility there

Navajo Nation is pushing forward, also should have news coming. Navajo Nation and Big Navajo Energy could expand with FCE significantly moving forward.
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 5 hours ago
I wonder, are there any companies doing this successfully?
hopester hopester 7 hours ago
You confuse fear with facts.
I've posted the facts as displayed by the markets reaction to FCEL's story of disappointing results. Additionally I follow trusted research and their views which have been correct.
Mostly though, I'm here to dispel the mythical views, one sided promotional statements, and false and exaggerated expectations and claims from promoters whose tract record speaks to their results.
You say you are bullish and yet you have no fundamental or technical reason for being so. HOPE IS NOT A SOUND REASON TO OWN THIS STOCK. Wishful thinking is not a basis for owning any stock.
If you disagree with any of this, give me the facts that support it.
igotthemojo igotthemojo 23 hours ago
"You buy the fear"

until you realize there was actually a very good reason for the fear...

there is a reason why the pps has dropped from $29 to 78 cents...why they have a letter from nasdaq about delisting...why a r/s may be next for this stock...

the only hope for a quick buck is if the 45v happens and is wont cure fcel's problems, but it will help....even if only for a short time...
You buy the fear 😧
boardbrain1 boardbrain1 1 day ago
Thank you for the Outstanding Post one of the most I have ever seen here. I just wanted to add that Mr. Tesla would agree with all of the post. Check it out. Thanks again.
Go Hawks13 Go Hawks13 2 days ago
This one? Same crap for years now. Always wrong!!!!

1) Several dozens of little nks posted from company related and/specific positive developments in less than the past year
2) Revenue in 2022 has already exceeded 2021 by far, and is expected to reach almost 109% I crease y/y.
3) FCEL has gained at least 3 new relationships (TuNur, SNAM, and Navajo Nation) which should provide more substantial revenue moving forward.
4) Reestablished access to business in the Asian market already resultibg in $71.5M in 2022, and more $ revenue moving forward (50MW MOU with KEPCO, repeat customer)
5) Extended and expanded 10+ year relationship with XOM to commercialize Carbon Capture. Will hav updates by January but very likely sooner. A couple key milestones have 10/31 deadlines (Companies fiscal year end) and PORTHOS has committed to making a final investment decision this fall. Jason Few expressed confidence we will be involved in carbon capture at Rotterdam.
6) Fuel cells, Carbon Capture & Hydrogen production have received unprecedented attention and amounts of money in the hundreds of billions of dollars over the past year which have yet to be distributed but are beginning to be.
7) Have over $450M unrestricted cash, greater than 4 years of operations if loss continues at the average loss per quarter over the past 4 quarters.
8) Generation (Recurring) revenue has increased from $7-$8M a year to no w over $10M per quarter or over $40M per year, and will continue growing. Generation revenue carries highest margins by far.
9) Current run rate is only (about) 37MW and results in under absorption of overhead, which will get better when increased. Current goal and the expectations are 40-45MW by end of fiscal year.
10) Toyota is expected to be in full commercial operation by January which will add another $3+M a year in recurring Revenue.
11) Groton is awaiting decision by Navy & CMEEC regarding entering full operation at a 6MW capacity, which would result in approximately $6+M a year in RECURRING REVENUE! We should find out within 3 weeks if that is the case.
12) carbon capture and hydrogen production are in their infancy, in fuel cell has patented proven technology in both arenas.
13) there are many many more details that can be listed they are all on these boards at one point or another as already mentioned dozens of links. Anyone not understanding the massive potential of this company is either lying or doesn't have sufficient reading comprehension skills to process the truth. That's fact!
Opinion, long term investors will be very nicely rewarded in the coming months/years. The share price hit $29.44 in February 2021 on hype & hope of green energy boost from the election & no factual news. News already released from December 2021 to September 2022 is sufficient to justify a very healthy pop of far more than 200% from $2 level end of 2020. Valuation should easily be 200% or greater. We have had an increase in shares since then, I believe approximately 65M shares. Valuation was around $650-$700M and is currently $1.6B 200% would be around $5-$5.50, but like I said, developments in the past year justify a greater pop than that. We need no new news to get to $5-$6. However, any + news should result in surpassing $6 rather easily. That's opinion, but very rational.
hopester hopester 2 days ago
The "story" is 1) no sound reason to Buy
2) to late to Sell
3) Avoid the BS

In the meanwhile wait for HOGWASH'S promotional pushers post and when it comes, do the opposite.
hopester hopester 2 days ago
Its coming if they can't get the stock over $1.00 by mid-November and stay over $1.00 for 10 consecutive days.
All of this comes because FEW couldn't deliver.
Confidence in this company has been lost.
Those who revered " institutional interest" as a metric for owning or buying the stock got clipped.
Those that followed sound investment advice got out early a/o never entered upon the bad advice given by HOGWASH.
FEW said they'll be " exploring all options " to avoid de-listing. There are two:
1) Deliver on his conference call statements or
2) Reverse Split
If history is to guide, the R/S is more likely.
For now, $.75 looks like a pause before getting close to $.50
The trend WAS DOWN, IS DOWN AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE DOWN for as long as this company fails to deliver the goods.
That's what the market says. That's how the technicals read. That's what the financials indicate. That's what the quarterly reports for years have said.
Thats why Longs are sitting with a $.77 stock.
OPKOHEALTH2022 OPKOHEALTH2022 2 days ago
What is the story here ? Buy or sell ? And if sell then why sell at ATL ?
beenhadbefore beenhadbefore 2 days ago
Back to another reverse split?
1 for 12 - on 12/04/2015
1 for 12 - on 5/19/2019
$10K invested 6/19/2014
Value on 6/17/2024 = $22.00


hopester hopester 2 days ago
Don't miss reading Hogwash's post 60380 written in Sept 12 2022. This ones a gem.

Now that the stock hits $.75 and bounces to $.77 now, the question is, is $.50 in the cards.
Remember Hogwash wanted the stock to drop from the $.92 is was then so he could buy more shares with his paycheck.
Well; he got his wish. Is he waiting for even lower prices . He may get that wish too.

There are those thinking the price is cheap enough. These are the same misguided few who said the same thing all the way down from $29. They ignored fundamentals, technicals, analysts RESEARCH ( Jefferies recently lowered their x tgt to $1.11 from $1.25 ),
the trends and anything sound in making an investment decision. Instead they followed the hogwash HOGWASH.
WeTheMarket WeTheMarket 2 days ago
Biden Links Green Power to Good Pay With Clean Energy Wage Rules
Published Jun 18, 2024

Treasury finalizes wage, apprenticeship rules for clean energy jobs
By Michael Cohn
June 18, 2024

The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service released prevailing wage and registered apprenticeship requirements for clean energy projects and jobs to qualify for tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act.
fsulevine fsulevine 3 days ago
Would be an interesting change of heart, considering Elon Musk is well known for calling them β€œfool cells”.

That said, I do not know if that is legit or not.
👍️ 1
WeTheMarket WeTheMarket 3 days ago
Is this true or fake news?

Tesla Unveils Plan For First Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle, Model H By 2026
By Vedant Jouhari, Published: Monday, June 17, 2024
WeTheMarket WeTheMarket 3 days ago
Hopefully rules for hydrogen next, soon and improved over preliminary ones.

Treasury Department Defines Rules for the Clean Electricity Production and Investment Tax Credits
JUNE 5, 2024
igotthemojo igotthemojo 4 days ago
β€œ Nikola Stats Show H2-Powered Trucking Is For Real. ”

I’m not sure Nikola itself will be for real much longer…4 years ago it was $75 per share…this past Fri, it hit an all time low at 49 cents…

I’m not too impressed with anything they have to say about anything…
hopester hopester 4 days ago
And for all of it, the market relentlessly took the stock down. Analysts saw all of this and lowered their px/tgts too. So you see how little if anything it meant for FCEL.
WeTheMarket WeTheMarket 4 days ago
Nikola Stats Show H2-Powered Trucking Is For Real.

Visceral Ace
9.37K subscribers
Posted Jun 15, 2024

igotthemojo igotthemojo 5 days ago
"announced six projects selected to receive approximately $9.3 million in federal funding"

wow...thats like $1.5 mil per project...or how much they spend on their annual Christmas

"The projects will focus on advancing hydrogen systems that convert varied waste feedstock materials into clean energy with superior environmental performance to help achieve the Biden-Harris Administration's historic decarbonization goals."

isnt this what fcel claims they can already do?....why is the DOE spending money looking for someone to develop this tech?....

"which seeks to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen by 80% to $1 per 1 kilogram"

if all these companies had to do it on their own dime, they could probably achieve that goal....but once the 45v passes and they all get on the fed gov teat, they will never reach that goal...
jd757 jd757 5 days ago
None of that is going to FCEL, so no catalyst there.
JMichael4 JMichael4 5 days ago
igotthemojo igotthemojo 6 days ago
i can remember the hundred or so times that hedgehog said that the cure for a negative share price was voulme...he swore that as soon as the volume rose from 10-15 mil shares a day to 40 mil per day, the pps would just magically rise with the volume...i could never get him to explain why that would be the case and i constantly called BS on that...

we have had 2 months now of daily volume in the 40-60 mil range... the pps is yea, i think we can shitcan that theory...
hopester hopester 6 days ago
I did say the more failed attempts to pierce the $1.00 resistance the greater the chance the stock will fall and break down. There were 6 attempts that failed. That built more resistance each time. So the stock gave up and fell.
Here it is at $.81/sh and looking to go lower.
Only unexpected game changing news will change it.
It looked like it was going to penetrate until this last failed attempt. Technicals are now showing $1.70 next stop.
Some Bulls have trouble understanding T/A and keep buying into the decline . They ignore the message of the market and instead look for excuses.
hopester hopester 6 days ago
Down again. When will it end.
Didn't Hogwash say was going ballistic a few weeks ago.
hopester hopester 6 days ago
Explain the news you think is good. Have you read the report carefully?
The market doesn't see the "good news ". What is it?
Why did analysts lower their px target right after the report.? Surely it couldn't be on " good news".
hopester hopester 6 days ago
jd757 jd757 6 days ago
Any catalyst in the near future to help get this above a $ for ten consecutive days? I was thinking the last earnings call may have provided enough good news to start down that path, but apparently not!
Dubster watching Dubster watching 6 days ago
$.825 filled. Just swinging through town.
igotthemojo igotthemojo 6 days ago
many investors here bought all the way down due in large part to all the happy talk...imagine if, when they saw the pps constantly dropping and were able to see that the long term trend had changed to negative, they could have simply cut their losses and exercised patience BEFORE they bought back...smh...imagine having preserved your capital by selling at $20 or $15 or $10 and having that cash to buy at .84...which i wouldnt do, but it makes more sense buying now than having bought all the way down...

and there are some here who STILL espouse the idea that catching a falling knife is the appropriate thing to do...smh

hedgehog eats, sleeps and dreams fcel...he scours the internet looking for anything with the word hydrogen in it and then posts a link...and that is what many here call "d/d"

"All that matters is tomorrow and hope for it."

well once you find yourself stuck in hole that you dug, apparently many have come to the conclusion that the only option is to keep digging....SMH
hopester hopester 6 days ago
He and their think alikes have blocked reality. Rather they rely on happy talk with their ilk which acts as a panacea for their worries. So they blame shorts only for the cause of their losses avoiding solid research, quarterly reports , and any information contrary to their reasoning. Technicals mean nothing to them. So to are the fundamentals.
This cult follows and depends on one individual to prop up their spirits. And he does a masterful job of keeping the followers in line. His record mirrors the performance of the company. That doesn't matter to the happy talk group. All that matters is tomorrow and hope for it.
🤡 1
igotthemojo igotthemojo 7 days ago
"SO how does the attack end?"

when the pps starts to rise...what does it take for the pps to rise?...MONEY...the company has to start making MONEY...they have to get above a buck per share for starters...get that delisting behind them...

"Obviously a positive earnings did absolutely nothing to stop this."

when a company is under a buck, looking at a delisting and probably a r/s, having an earnings report that says they sucked a little less than last quarter is NOT a positive report...thats why their ratings have been lowered...when professional analysts have proclaimed the report to be bad and lowered their ratings, you probably shouldnt still be wondering why a "good" report isnt helping the would probably be best to simply deal with reality instead of remaining in a fantasy world...
igotthemojo igotthemojo 7 days ago
"I agree with you this is a targeted attack."

yes, in the same way that a good well run company making money is "targeted" as a buy...after shorts have made great money for years off of fcel dropping from $29 to 80 cents you might say it was "targeted" as a money making short position...the shorts arent CAUSING the drop, they are simply benefitting from the poor performance of the ceo and company...there is nothing stopping the company from performing well except incompetence...that and the fact that fcel keeps betting big on hydrogen which so far has been a very poor choice since the economics of hydrogen make no sense without the fed gov handing out huge wefare checks to hydrogen companies...and the fed gov seems to be in no hurry to help those companies who are doing nothing but sitting on their asses waiting for their wefare checks to arrive before they make any moves...

theres no big conspiracy...just bad decisions by fcel and failure to perform...

"It isn't beyond possibility that those shorting are being funded by some wealthy group specifically trying to bury FCEL." actually IS beyond reasonable...and frankly makes no sense at all...

"This isn't ordinary shorting."

seems pretty ordinary to me...but then, i dont own a lot of shares that are under water and have a need to justify why i am losing so much money...because it certainly cant be that i made a bad investment...heaven forbid..

"It does seem that hydrogen companies across the board are under the same firing squad, but we seem to be in the center of the target."

the economics of hydrogen make no sense...thus all hydrogen stock are having the same problem...its not that hard to figure out...the smaller more underperforming companies will be hardest hit...this isnt an unusual situation...
hopester hopester 7 days ago
When they've got something to show it should.
hopester hopester 7 days ago
UM! How many down days do you need before the Longs get the message.
Hogwash hasn't got it. And look at his performance.
hopester hopester 7 days ago
I can't help worrying about losers. They fascinate me. So misguided; so uninformed; so much a gluten for punishment.
I'm here to help. Let me know when you want it because you and your ilk do need it.
Your handle befits you.
LoserTrying2Win LoserTrying2Win 7 days ago
I've literally done nothing but green trades here over the years, including one yesterday.

As always I will alert you when I sell.

Worry about yourself
hopester hopester 7 days ago
There's a sucker born every day!
hopester hopester 7 days ago
Your dreaming up excuses again. Read the research from trusted sources and stop listening to the happy talk and BS promotions from one sided thinkers who avoid full facts and real DD.
Have you read the quarterly report at all ?
Aren't you tired of all the excuses that others give who are blind to the facts and ignore them?
hopester hopester 7 days ago
Nothing positive about the report. Revenues down , $$$ loss on greater # of shares . Dilution. De-listing potential.
2 Analysts lower price targets after reviewing report and listening to the CC.
You're following the pusher Hogwash. He losses his objectivity when he ignores sound research. He's one sided and biased.
Check his record over the years .Did anything he said would happen............. happen?
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 1 week ago
I think they change up a little and will also manipulate on the way up. But there is a major focus on FCE looking at the volume and volatility. They are lowest revenue typically but Ballard isn't far off. No one can do diligence on this company and say, ya, there's no potential, bankruptcy is imminent like Henry did for over a year back in 2019, 2020. It's blatantly obvious with over 300 patents, existing relationships and follow-up contracts or extensions, They have a proven quality product. Heck in Europe, Sheffield University wanted to do more with the fuel cell we gave them and they were looking for a local provider and decided there are no other providers so they had to follow up with fuelcell energy. Now they are working with Drax, same company we previously worked with on a project testing our carbon capture with their biofuel. We have a huge representation in South Korea and it's going to grow to twice that over the next 1 to 2 years. Exxon Mobil is in the process of doing the first commercial installation, which seems to be very likely only the beginning of a massive relationship. But they have several different revenue streams and not one primary partner providing the bulk of the revenue. It's very different than it was through 2016 or 17 and even through 2019 or 20. Massive monies are just now beginning to be distributed for our technologies. Yet there's no perceived value in the share price. That's insane. Completely and utterly.
👍️ 2
stocks2012 stocks2012 1 week ago
SO how does the attack end? Obviously a positive earnings did absolutely nothing to stop this.
bagwa-john bagwa-john 1 week ago
I agree with you this is a targeted attack. It isn't beyond possibility that those shorting are being funded by some wealthy group specifically trying to bury FCEL. This isn't ordinary shorting. It does seem that hydrogen companies across the board are under the same firing squad, but we seem to be in the center of the target. imo.
Go Hawks13 Go Hawks13 1 week ago
No it is just a poorly run company that has always underperformed. The only thing it had going for it was revenue and that is now down 40%. This stock is going to .75 and then .50 very soon. $5 this year??? Would you like to bet your house on that against mine? We can add in $100,000 in cash also if you would like. Please take this wager.
LoserTrying2Win LoserTrying2Win 1 week ago
Been very weird price action...Just jumped back in at .8775 getting back half the position I sold yesterday.

Will monitor and decide if/when I want to repurchase the 2nd half back

Winging this
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 1 week ago
Obviously a very targeted attack. Fuel cell had 18 million shares traded at 11:00 a.m.. a couple of analysts cuts were posted this morning. Listen to this one, Jeffrey's cut price target to $1.11 from $1.25!!! Really does that make any sense whatsoever to cut the price target 14 cents. We already knew about B Riley, from $2 to $1.50 with hold rating. At least that one makes some sense A 25% price target cut, and maintaining a hold rating basically saying stock might not go as high as what they thought it would but it still should go up and could go higher so they would hold. I can't wait to laugh out loud when this thing hits $5 this year. Funny thing is it doesn't matter who's elected, it's going up. The entire world needs carbon capture and fuelcell energy has the holy Grail in another investor's words which I concur with. Exxon Mobil, Toyota and the Department of Energy should be sufficient to validate the product and the potential. That doesn't include ton of partnerships MOUs and contracts, including a recent contract equal to far more than any one year of revenue Since 2015.
👍️ 2
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 1 week ago
Not good for Bloom or the industry
👍️ 2

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