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Multicorp International Inc (PK)

Multicorp International Inc (PK) (MCIC)

Closed July 19 3:00PM

Professional-Grade Tools, for Individual Investors.

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Current Price
0.0014 Day's Range 0.00145
0.0002 52 Week Range 0.031
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US$ 91

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MCIC Discussion

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DKLN DKLN 31 minutes ago
Below is someone reporting on the bid. Why is this person advising on the bid? Based on what you have been saying, should this person be reported to the authorities?

Re: None
Monday, July 01, 2024 2:20:04 PM

Post# 212255 of 212431
Nice bid of 5,000,000 at .0012.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 32 minutes ago
I am accused of things that I don't even understand. I pump up my bicycle tire but it don't say MCIC on it. Why do potential investors not like MCIC stock volume thing you talk about?
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 35 minutes ago
I am just a potential investor. I don't know what pumping is? What is DD? My accounts were hacked and I am trying to learn things here about MCIC. Please help.... Why should potential investors not buy based on low volume like you say? I am just asking.
DKLN DKLN 38 minutes ago
Tell me why you pump this stock. Is this the first stock you have ever pumped?
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 39 minutes ago
Tell me more about why potential investors should not like this MCIC PPS and volume thing that you talk about? I don't understand what that is.
DKLN DKLN 41 minutes ago
I am suggesting that you not pump any stock. Ultimately, you will make the final decision as to whether you want to continue pumping.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 41 minutes ago
Read english. I don't know what pumping a stock is? Tell us more about why potential investors should not buy MCIC based on this volume thing you talk about. I am trying to learn. Please be nice.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 43 minutes ago
Is that investment advice on MCIC which would be on topic or is that in reference to another OTC stock?
DKLN DKLN 44 minutes ago
Here's my advice: don't pump a barely above triple zero stock anymore. It makes you look foolish to the Board.
DKLN DKLN 45 minutes ago
If the truth about the performance of this stock during the past 5+ years hurts, just ignore those posts and stick to reading only the posts that say wonderful things about this stock. That will keep you in a safe space.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 51 minutes ago
No. I want more investment advice from you about stocks like MCIC. Is that ok? I am a potential investor and I appreciate 11,000 statements of investment advice on at OTC company. I downloaded an anti-virus software to protect my computer from future hacks. So, I am on board for conversation and all ears.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 52 minutes ago
We want to hear more about this thing called pumpers that need to buying shares and reports of volume and issues that stop potential investors from buying MCIC shares. Every day. 11,000 more times please. :)
DKLN DKLN 53 minutes ago
Nice try with the pumping over the years but the stock still sits at less than two tenth of a penny with poor volume. You many want to check with an attorney to find out whether pumping a stock is a crime. Also, one does not become a legal expert by watching LA Law reruns.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 55 minutes ago
Who advised on volume and price daily?
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 56 minutes ago
Certainly do. Take every post down because my accounts were hacked. I thank you for warning potential investors in the OTC to buy or not buy a security. Not many people would break the law to save potential MCIC investors from disaster.
DKLN DKLN 58 minutes ago
Who recommended to sell?
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 59 minutes ago
What is pumping a stock? I don't understand. Is recommending to sell also pumping? I am uneducated in these matters.
DKLN DKLN 60 minutes ago
Don't worry about that. We can always pull your posts from the past 5 years.
DKLN DKLN 1 hour ago
So based on your non-response, I assume you will continue pumping this stock in the future.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 1 hour ago
I don't know what pumping a stock is? I am a potential investor in the OTC Market. I just gained access to my accounts online. I don't understand.
DKLN DKLN 1 hour ago
Will you still be pumping this stock in the future?
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 1 hour ago
Good. And I appreciate you telling me as a potential investor not to buy MCIC. You do stand behind that statement? Correct?
DKLN DKLN 1 hour ago
If you don't want to buy shares of a stock that you have been pushing for years, that's your choice. But it does tell the Board a lot.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 1 hour ago
Future posts are going to matter a lot more. My account was hacked and I have no opinion to buy or sell any stock. Do you?
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 1 hour ago
I don't know who or what a pumper on the MCIC or any other board is. But potential investors like myself appreciate investment advice that is legal.
DKLN DKLN 1 hour ago
Nice try but most of your posts on this Board say otherwise. Do we need to look at some of your posts?
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 1 hour ago
I had a security breach on my computer. I have no opinion about any OTC stock. I will do some DD on MCIC to see if your investment advice was true.
DKLN DKLN 1 hour ago
And I want to hear more worthless "DD" about MCIC. Do you think people will actually buy the stock based on this "DD"?
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 1 hour ago
Why accuse me of pumping stocks like MCIC when I clearly said that I have no buy or sell recommendation for any stock? I want to hear more of your investment advice on stocks in the OTC.
DKLN DKLN 1 hour ago
I am suggesting that the three pumpers on this Board buy the stock they are regularly pumping.
DKLN DKLN 1 hour ago
If you know nothing about stocks, why do you keep telling the Board, on a regular basis, how wonderful MCIC is.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 1 hour ago
And you are suggesting they buy an OTC stock like MCIC. Right?
DKLN DKLN 1 hour ago
You want to keep pumping the stock? If people are pumping a stock, I would suggest that they buy the stock instead of just telling the Board, on a regular basis, how wonderful the stock is.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 1 hour ago
My account was hacked and I don't know anything about stocks. You want to keep giving financial advice on MCIC?
DKLN DKLN 1 hour ago
I see you are still watching LA Law reruns and think you know what's legal and what isn't. How about pumping a stock, for years, that is still barely above triple zeros and has horrible volume. Is that a crime? If it is, we have three people on this Board who should be worried.
Anyhow, how many more years does this Board have to hear wonderful things about a "company" that has not yet had a substantive accomplishment for investors? I want to hear more wonderful things about this near triple zeros/low volume stock for at least another decade.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 1 hour ago
Well to begin with, my computer and wifi were hacked years back. Some unidentified individual had control of certain accounts and admin access and I have documentation on record with local law enforcement concerning the matter. That being said, I would like to clear the air in the matter of me saying to buy or sell any security. I don't have a clue what to do concerning any financial matter and I would never say buy or sell a stock. I want to hear more from you on why potential investors should not buy MCIC. 11,000 more times.

I was asked to back off. So, maybe in another life we finish this conversation.
DKLN DKLN 2 hours ago
I have suggested that only you and two others on this Board buy this stock because the three of you have been telling this Board, for years how wonderful this barely above triple zeros/low volume stock is. Who wouldn't be buying shares if they really believed that this stock is a great investment and will be reaching 10 cents (or was it 50 cents or a dollar) soon? If the three of you are trying to convince people that this is a great stock, buying shares makes a much stronger impression than just talking about it.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 2 hours ago
The problem with 11,000 public statements not to buy a security on the OTC, the problem is not if they are correct with that strictly illegal financial advice. The problem is from a civil lawsuit and risk management standpoint is if their 11,000 plus investment advices to potential investors were wrong.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 2 hours ago
And it's interesting that you think another individual should buy lot of shares in MCIC and express that advice. Thanks for letting them know. Also I like the financial advice to potential investors to ignore everything someone posts. Thanks and keep trying to help all investors in the OTC.

I personally do not recommend buying or selling any stock, security, or municipal bond. And I hate sports cards also. Mine from the 80's should be worth more. Dang it.
gorbec1 gorbec1 2 hours ago
lol you tell them.
Go mcic to Pluto and beyond
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 2 hours ago
"you should think about why this stock keeps having all these no or low volume days and why the PPS is still less than two tenth of a penny" as you said to me. I appreciate that advice. I think it's because an unlicensed financial advisor has been on record over 11,000 times giving opinions to "potential investors" and specifically calling out why or why not "potential investors" should like certain things they claim about MCIC and the it's stock volume, PPS, and management. That is called investment advice and it's actually a solicitation to buy or sell a security. Problem with OTC is even licensed financial advisors can't do that. That's why there are no analyst opinion, star rating, recommendations to buy/sell, or professional advice on any OTC stock - because it is not allowed. Ever thought about that crap? Yet there seems to be one unlicensed financial advisor that has kept up with how many weeks MCIC has been pink current and this financial advisor touts opinions to buy or sell MCIC. If potential investors are advised and warned about not buying a stock, can they bring civil litigation against the individual that illegally advised them if that stock does well later down the road? The knife should cut both ways on damages incurred by "potential investors" that were influenced and called out directly 11,000 times with investment advice NOT to take interest in MCIC.

See you on the moon with my #2 pencil.

And I have no recommendation to buy or sell any stock. So don't even go there. I want someone to give me (as a potential investor) more advice on MCIC. Got any more? I want to hear it every day for 10 years plus.

Thanks in advance.
4u2nv2 4u2nv2 3 hours ago
That's when it gets fun........
sirant sirant 14 hours ago
Yes the worst part is 100's of post's to read thru. LOL

gorbec1 gorbec1 15 hours ago
Oh it’s going to get crowded soon
sirant sirant 16 hours ago
More MM'S are showing up. 5x5

DKLN DKLN 16 hours ago
sirant sirant 16 hours ago

sirant sirant 16 hours ago
Good Morning Everyone

DKLN DKLN 18 hours ago
I am sure that most investors will be thinking that way about the pushers (if they don't already) if this stock doesn't turn around soon. Speaking of "soon" - it's a word a pusher started using more than 6 weeks ago to tell the Board when the "quotes warning" would be removed from the OTC.

MCIC - To Uranus
👍️ 1
gorbec1 gorbec1 19 hours ago
Hope the door hit them where the good lord split them

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