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Marketing Worldwide Corporation (PK)

Marketing Worldwide Corporation (PK) (MWWC)

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Updated: 09:17:26

Professional-Grade Tools, for Individual Investors.

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MWWC Discussion

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shoondale shoondale 3 hours ago
This seems entirely accurate angels. Nevertheless, this is all unfolding soon given the dated social media posts of 3 separate people combined with the company's filings. So we all will see in a matter of months what goes down. It isn't being conducted, all in some locked backroom no one can see, where "secrets" can be hidden. It is being done in a very public and verifiable manner like the pilot.
It's Jason who isn't giving updates but he doesn't respond to investors. Blagman can't release a pr under the company's auspices.
I believe your statement to be accurate.
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 3 hours ago
It's Jason who isn't giving updates but he doesn't respond to investors. Blagman can't release a pr under the company's auspices.
SYTI SYTI 6 hours ago
No worries from me as I don't believe he has answered any of your emails...why would he?
He's not involved in MWWC at all (not on official officer/director lists anywhere).
Maybe a year and half ago he had interest and he needed a reverse split but working for 8k worth of stock...not happening on his dime !
CRYPTO SCAM was better then this HAD nonsense !
👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
jrockents jrockents 8 hours ago
not gonna lie im a little frustrated over no real news being pr'ed yet so i just wrote blagman point blank asking him wtf is going on!! ill show yall my message n his response if he answers!!! not sure he will though as i changed my very nice tune to very blunt tune!! will see??
👍️ 1 💲 1 🚀 1
Catmandoo Catmandoo 1 day ago
Blagman claiming all this taping yet still No Previews..No Sponsors..No Airing Dates..No Funding..No Networks..over year now and absolutely ZILCHO..
👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 1 day ago
I'm sure everyone appreciates you here snowflake.
👍️ 1 💯 2 💲 1
Techroemancer Techroemancer 1 day ago
MWWC 6 billion shares and MGON has 600 million post-dilution. MGON dilutes to raise capital, yours doesn't know how to gain capital. MGON at least has products being made and produced. They have product that they cancel because they know they will be unpopular showing foresight. Your company has nothing to show for what they've done except 3 chatty twitter accounts. We come here and actually show evidence, cite sources, and make actual legitimate claims against your company that are wildly alarming. You're going after a reputable company with 4 repetitive materials that aren't even relevant.

MGON just release a video from the main scientist showcasing what's coming and what they've been doing. MWWC can't release a trailer.

You're a scam and a fraud shoon.
💩 1 🤡 1
shoondale shoondale 1 day ago
I don't have to enjoy your massive unsold inventory and SEC approved massive dilution for even more inventory. .So now, you claim Mr. Blagman is passing BS? And I suppose Emma and Lauren are too? Your tactics are pathetic and transparent..
Meeting today reviewing next taping of Hollywood After Dark. Emma Slater- our wonderful host and Lauren Williams Executive Producer/ Owner of the MyTurn TV network.

Also - we will be officially making The Bourbon Room on Hollywood Blvd our permanent studio "home" for all…— Robert Blagman (@RBLAGGY) June 23, 2024
👍️ 1 💲 1 🚀 1 🤡 1 🤪 1
Techroemancer Techroemancer 1 day ago
Right, because the stocks that are in trip pennies with no product and nothing to show are TOTALLY legitimate usually. Especially when OTC has even given up on them. Yet we are called con-men when stocks we like have been reviewed by the SEC and has had recent approvals.

Only conman around is you, Shoon. Enjoy your BS PR that blagman and his secretary post on X.
💩 2 🤡 3
shoondale shoondale 1 day ago
No late filings unlike the vast majority of the pennies.
Now why would they keep filling on time, unlike the habitually late POS scams these con men pump? I also don't see the steady stream of bullshit PR's that never come to pass. I suppose if you are that warped and corrupt, you would associate the lack of con artistry as a sign of impending doom. It is hardly the sign of abandonment especially with the social media posts of the TCO.
👍️ 1 💩 1 💲 1 🚀 1 🤪 1
Techroemancer Techroemancer 1 day ago
Chapter 11 coming live to a OTC near you! December 2024!
💩 1 🤡 2
Dubldwn11 Dubldwn11 1 day ago
You don’t know what you are talking about. Shows .0001 but you can’t get them filled.
👍️ 1 💲 2 🚀 2
surfkast surfkast 1 day ago
Investors loading the boat! Look at the huge run!
0.0001 - 0.0001
💤 1 💩 2 🤡 4
surfkast surfkast 1 day ago
They will be huge in October. As soon as they find boxers and guests! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!
💩 2 🤡 3
Techroemancer Techroemancer 1 day ago
Very quiet today. When will we hear that the company finally went bankrupt? What happened to the financials? Where is the proof of products? Where is the progression seen aside from some blind tweets?
💩 2 🤡 2
Techroemancer Techroemancer 4 days ago
This thing couldn't be further diluted. If HAD doesn't release, the likelihood of a Chapter 11 increases from 98% to 100%.

The people in charge don't even believe in their own company to invest anything in it aside from $5.00
💩 2 🤡 2
SYTI SYTI 4 days ago
HOW hard would you work for a company that you own $8000 worth of stock.
ESPECIALLY when there is 5.7 billlllllion issued out. CAN'T even raise money as almost maxed authroized

BLAGMAN has left the building with HAD in hand. Schlenk may have sold them the rights, no one knows!
💩 1 🤡 1
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 4 days ago
I wish Robert was in charge
👍️ 1 💲 1 🙏 1 🚀 1
SYTI SYTI 4 days ago
"NO DILUTION"...that has to be the best line I have heard here...priceless

YA GOT 5,728,905,549 ( that's 5.7 BILLION) issued and SHELL RISK company with no ability to raise money and NO ASSETS

Blagman has left the building along with Ralston 2022 and all is left is CRYPTO bag holders trying to sleaze their way out of this POS scam

no dilution...god that was hilarious
👍️ 1 💩 1 🙏 1 🤡 2
Scratchgolf Scratchgolf 4 days ago
No one said he was in charge. MWWC wants a real company within it's shell. Blagman is going to be that real company. Blagman dictates, Schlenk decides.
Why would a shell company pass up an opportunity? They wouldn't and they won't.
You don't need to take my word for it. You just need to wait and see. Because ultimately we'll know before to long.
💲 1 🚀 1
surfkast surfkast 4 days ago
The Company ‘BOD' and ‘TCO' Robert Blagman ?????????????????
This is too easy!

Jason Schlenk

Additionally, Counsel has (i) personally discussed the above with management and a majority of the
directors of the Issuer, specifically with Jason Schlenk;

05/10/2024 Quarterly Report 03/31/2024

Jason Schlenk CEO / Owner of more
than 5% Lima, OH 39,062 Series D
Preferred 43.4% CEO as of

A. This Disclosure Statement was prepared by (name of individual):
Name: Jason Schlenk
Title: CEO
Relationship to Issuer: President
💩 1 🤡 1
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 4 days ago
Trust me he's not in charge of mwwc
💲 1 🚀 1
Scratchgolf Scratchgolf 4 days ago
Pretty influential figure head.
💲 1 🚀 1
surfkast surfkast 4 days ago
Thanks for the correction. Blagman is a figurehead.
💩 1 🤡 1
Scratchgolf Scratchgolf 4 days ago
Blagman seems to be the rudder according to past posts from him.
💲 1 🚀 1
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 4 days ago
Not Blagman we have to worry about. Schlenk is the CEO
💲 1 🚀 1 ✅️ 1
Scratchgolf Scratchgolf 5 days ago
Updated security details. No dilution. Blagman is looking out for us shareholders. I think we are going to see some good things soon.
👍️ 2 💰️ 1 💲 1 🚀 1
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 5 days ago
Good to still see you here
💰️ 1 💲 2 🚀 1
Catmandoo Catmandoo 5 days ago
Too funny, rolldem was lurking in her hole when her alarm went off, does'nt post anymore , ran out of bullshit but the other clown still at it , tell shoon to post Sponsors..Networks..Funding..Airing Dates..maybe Blagman can announce another meeting and report no interest again. Volume 0...
💤 1 💩 2 🤡 4
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 5 days ago
Actually there are two. So there's that. But the freedom to be dense is a human right.
💲 1 🚀 1
Speaking 9f clowns I see your still here ... What a life you must have,,,Try and get out and see the real world
💲 2 🚀 2
surfkast surfkast 5 days ago
But they have a worldwide show in October.........................Once they find boxers and guests! LOL
🎯 2 👍️ 1 💤 1 💩 2 🤡 3
Catmandoo Catmandoo 5 days ago
The Comedy board the clowns are still performing here over a year now and cannot present one valid thing that Blagman achieved, there are No Sponsors No Networks No Funding No Airing Dates, same couple shills here with same hot air, told you all this last July, Blahman and all his meetings has produced ZILCHO, these bad actors have defrauded any investors. Note..# 2 clown rolldem got fired.
🎯 2 👍️ 1 💤 1 💩 2 🤡 3
shoondale shoondale 6 days ago
Moondogaz has your number. You support scams that grease the wheels. You are after a legitimate business here. Is UEEC a genuine scam surf? You are as phony as a 3 dollar bill.
💲 1 🚀 1 🤡 1 🤪 1
surfkast surfkast 6 days ago
Mr. "scam exposer" is on top of this one! SMH

Marketing Worldwide Corporation (PK)
-0.0001 (-33.33%)
💩 2 🤡 2
shoondale shoondale 6 days ago
Bullshit. I didn't say July until jr's email. That would be his next to last email. And Mr. Blagman has already given us several updates since then. Again, where are you on ueec Mr. "scam exposer"? Where is your genuine concern there? What happened to your genuine concern?
👍️ 1 💩 2 💲 1 🚀 2 🤡 2
surfkast surfkast 6 days ago
You were pumping July for months. Now October with no fighters or guests lined up. Anyway..............
.0002! LOLOLOL
🎯 1 👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 6 days ago
Got a feeling some good news is coming
👍️ 2 💥 1 💲 1 🚀 1
moondogaz moondogaz 6 days ago
disagree.. lol... No I don't..
👍️ 2 💥 1 💲 1
moondogaz moondogaz 6 days ago
trip 000s...smh.. dude,your better than this...
👍️ 2 💲 1 ❓️ 1
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 6 days ago
Surf is basically a failure at OTC and can't admit that to herself. Better to assume your losses weren't due to your own lack of skill
👍️ 2 👏 1 💲 1
shoondale shoondale 6 days ago
Out of context manipulative bullshit. He said they will be announced soon. He would not make that statement without already knowing it was all lined up. If you bill yourself as "to expose scams" why is it you are here on a $.0002 stock that has a product and market? You have a stock scam, like UEEC trading at $.1775, that has been indicted on 11 charges by the SEC. A zero-revenue product, over a decade running, with a CEO that is an actual employed stockbroker at Butler Capital churning shares to dump more shares each time a sucker steps in. And yet you never warn anyone and have no problem with that? Why is that? Is it because they grease the right wheels? Where is your sincerity?
Hollywood After Dark Live from the Bourbon Room will be live from our Rumble In The Jungle boxing event Oct 30 - Nov 1. Special guests to be named soon as well as boxers. Broadcasting from Hollywood, The Congo, Las Vegas and Saudi Arabia.

The Hollywood After Dark shop is…— Robert Blagman (@RBLAGGY) June 27, 2024
💩 2 💲 1 🚀 1 🤡 2
surfkast surfkast 6 days ago
Live event scheduled with no boxers or guests yet? Precious!

Special guests to be named soon as well as boxers.
🎯 1 👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1
shoondale shoondale 6 days ago
I don't know where you heard it, but it nevertheless, is a reasonable assumption, among others, to make. And I think everyone would like more information. I remember you, back in the early days when you thought it was a scam, were surprised when the Bourbon Room was announced as the venue. Likewise, I am surprised the October filming will encompass 4 venues on 3 continents. Likewise, I was surprised when Mr. Blagman debuted HAD in Cannes. I think it is safe to say the dynamics are changing on a much larger scale. That is my point. I do not think it is for the worse. I think it will benefit everyone in the long run. Maybe the initial contract never had options for production on this scale? So they may be negotiating additional funding, allocations of profits, and just how to manage the enhanced breadth beyond the scope of the initial contract? Just a thought. We are all guessing.
💲 1 🚀 1 🤡 1 🤪 1
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 6 days ago
Just going by what I heard ..that the public company has only funded the pilot. I'm sure the contract gives them other options but I'd like more info.
💲 1 🚀 1
shoondale shoondale 6 days ago
"On February 28, 2023, the Company completed the acquisition of Wyoming-based Marketing Worldwide Media LLC ('MWML'), which becomes a whollyowned subsidiary. The consideration paid was the issuance of 400,000 shares of Series E Preferred Stock, which convert into 40,000,000 shares of common stock. The management also shares in 35% of future profits. As part of this transaction, the Company retains the services of Robert Blagman, who ha over 30 years of experience in network sales, communications and management. The expectation is that MWML will generate revenues from ad sales aired on any number of networks contracted.
On March 15, 2023, the Company announced that it was starting the process of developing a live late night televisions series titled 'Hollywood After Dark'. In Live TV for Hollywood After Dark the company is investing resources and time into possible PPV Events."
It's either this or a renegotiation that enhances the benefit to all sides for productions far exceeding the original expectations. The devil may be in the details but I think you are entertaining something which is not feasible given the original agreement.
💲 1 🚀 1 🤡 1 🤪 1
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 6 days ago
So if Schlenk and MWWC have only invested and own just the pilot would your feelings change?
💲 1 🚀 1
shoondale shoondale 6 days ago
My thinking too. I wasn't expecting production on anything like this level. The debut was in Cannes. The October filming is spanning 4 venues in 3 continents. With boxing at at least 1 venue. The stakes have gone up drastically. I was expecting merely a single nightclub studio filming; nothing more than like a common late night talk show. Shareholders may benefit far more than originally planned. They are going to have to create spectacularly high volume along with a drastic price rise in mwwc stock for the back end to profit. I want to write a letter but am considering choosing my words very, very carefully because everything leaking out from Mr. Blagman's side seems very beneficial. Big, big plans:
Hollywood After Dark Live from the Bourbon Room will be live from our Rumble In The Jungle boxing event Oct 30 - Nov 1. Special guests to be named soon as well as boxers. Broadcasting from Hollywood, The Congo, Las Vegas and Saudi Arabia.

The Hollywood After Dark shop is…— Robert Blagman (@RBLAGGY) June 27, 2024
💩 1 💲 1 🚀 1 🤮 1
surfkast surfkast 6 days ago
Now it is October? But I read it here that July was the month!
👎️ 1 👽️ 1 💤 1 💩 1 🤡 2
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 6 days ago
From my understanding the Schlenk side isn't holding up their end but who really knows
💲 1 🚀 1

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