PORTFOLIO UPDATE 
The Company announces that at close of business 31 March 2021 its ten largest 
investments were as follows: 
                                                                 % of Total 
Naspers Limited                                                       8.02% 
Lukoil Holdings                                                       6.19% 
Sberbank                                                              4.05% 
Al Rajhi Bank                                                         3.94% 
National Commercial Bank                                              3.65% 
Qatar National Bank                                                   3.59% 
Gazprom                                                               3.47% 
Norilsk Nickel                                                        3.06% 
PZU                                                                   3.05% 
Saudi Basic Industries                                                2.87% 
The geographic breakdown at close of business 31 March 2021 was as follows: 
Russia                                                               30.43% 
South Africa                                                         27.65% 
Saudi Arabia                                                         15.92% 
Poland                                                                5.68% 
Turkey                                                                4.08% 
Qatar                                                                 3.59% 
United Arab Emirate                                                   3.39% 
Netherlands                                                           2.71% 
Greece                                                                2.63% 
Czechia                                                               1.42% 
Kuwait                                                                0.99% 
Cash & Equivalent                                                     1.51% 
For any enquiries please contact: 
Quill PR                                                +44 (0)20 7466 5050 
Nick Croysdill, Andreea Caraveteanu 
About Barings Emerging EMEA Opportunities PLC 
"Finding quality companies from Emerging Europe, the Middle East and Africa." 
Barings Emerging EMEA Opportunities PLC (the "Company") is a UK based 
investment trust that was launched on 18 December 2002 and is managed by Baring 
Fund Managers Limited. 
In November 2020, the Company broadened its investment policy to focus on 
growth and income from quality companies in the Emerging Europe, Middle East 
and Africa ("EMEA") region. It also changed its name from Baring Emerging 
Europe PLC to Barings Emerging EMEA Opportunities PLC at the same time. 
For more information, and to sign up for regular updates, please visit the 
Company's website: www.bemoplc.com 
Legal Entity Identifier ("LEI"):213800HLE2UOSVAP2Y69 

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April 12, 2021 02:00 ET (06:00 GMT)